Lawsuits describe compounds produced from hazardous substances in organic formulas

A class action lawsuit is being brought against Abbott in May 2015 for falsely claiming Similac Advance Organic baby formulas contain ingredients prohibited in organic foods. According to an article in, the suit said the ingredients were “irradiated substances, synthetic compounds, or produced from hazardous substances.” The plaintiffs claim Abbot listed the product as organic in order to get consumers to purchase it, and to increase its own sales and profits. “As a result of its false and misleading labeling, Abbott was able to sell its ‘Organic’ Infant Formula to hundreds of thousands of consumers throughout the United States and to realize sizeable profits,” the lawsuit said.

Similarly, a 2014 class action lawsuit against Hain Celestial Group, makers of Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula, for false and misleading labeling as organic. According to the complaint, “more than ¾ of the ingredients of their organic baby formula are synthetic compounds,” including “toxic compounds and hazardous substances.” They name sodium selenite, potassium hydroxide and “ingredients synthetically produced from toxic compounds such as calcium pantothenate (synthetically produced from formaldehyde and isobutryraldehyde).” Read more.

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