Just Say ‘No Thanks’

Did your hospital’s postpartum unit pitch pricey infant formula? If you’re a nursing mom who got an unasked-for formula marketing bag, write a letter voicing your disapproval. Hospitals need to know that moms do not appreciate sales pitches in the hours after childbirth. Use our sample letter to get started.

Nurse Manager

Dear Nurse Manager,

I recently had a baby at your hospital, and am writing this letter to express my disapproval about the “free” infant formula bag I received at discharge. Even though I am planning to breastfeed, I was given a diaper bag filled with commercial infant formula. I think it is wrong that we new mothers get these gift bags. It seems like you are letting the baby formula companies use us as an advertising trick. I don’t understand how they can get the hospitals to give out these bags. It suggests that your hospital approves of formula, and of this particular brand of formula. We all know that breastfeeding is much better for the baby, and I think your practices should reflect that.

I trust you will take into consideration my negative experience, and adjust your hospital policy regarding free infant formula bags. Please acknowledge my letter and let me know what your plans are for stopping this practice.

Thank you for your time.


Send a copy to your doctors, too. They want to know what mothers think, and they will listen to your opinion!

Download a copy of the letter to edit and send.

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