NYC subpoenas Abbott over false advertising

The New York City Commissioner of Consumer Affairs subpoenaed Abbott Labs to produce documents backing up its multiple health claims of its infant formulas.

According to the court documents, NYC wants Abbott, makers of Similac, to provide evidence to support its claims that “8 out of 10 moms who supplemented with formula agreed that it helped them continue to feed breast milk, ” and “”Soy [] soothe[s] the tummy,” and OptiGRO “support[s] . . . brain and eye development.”

The documents demand that Abbott provide Documents sufficient to identify Similac FeedingExpert.comand Live Help staff and qualifications and training. They also required that Abbott provide “documents sufficient to identify all New York City hospitals and healthcare professionals to whom you directed any marketing, advertising or sales efforts for the Product.”

The documents were due in court on July 9, 2015. On August 7, 2015, attorneys for Abbott sought to have the subpoena quashed. See Abbott’s response in a Crain’s story from August 7, 2015. See the Abbott Subpoena 2015.

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