CDC reports 79% of hospitals aren’t giving out formula samples

May 2015- The 2015 CDC mPINC survey shows that 78.7% of hospitals report that they do not give out “discharge packs” with formula samples to breastfeeding mothers. Data from older mPINC surveys shows the number of hospitals distributing formula companies discharge packs to breastfeeding mothers has markedly declined between 2007 and 2013, according to a study published May 2015 in Pediatrics. The percentage of hospitals distributing infant formula discharge packs to breastfeeding mothers was 72.6% in 2007 and 31.6% in 2013, a decrease of 41 percentage points. In 2007, there was only 1 state (Rhode Island) in which <25% of hospitals distributed infant formula discharge packs to breastfeeding mothers, whereas in 2013 there were 24 such states and territories.  Note that the CDC data is different from BantheBags’ data in two important aspects: CDC data is based on self report only, whereas BantheBags verifies the self report of every hospital we list. CDC data also does not specify whether the discharge bags are from formula companies or not, and only specifies whether they are given to breastfeeding mothers. At BantheBags, we will only list hospitals who have banned all industry-sponsored discharge bags to all mothers.

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